Runtime error is showing in firebase path

How to fix this, please say step by step


Please read this and the edit your post with more info.

You can not use those characters in your fire base path. Probably you are using these characters either in project bucket or in tag.

It could be noticed from the error message that FireBase paths (keys) can not contain. # $ [ ] characters. The mentioned path (OPM1.17. etc.) contains dots. That’s the error, try to replace/remove them.

Are you using emailID as tag? Then it is obvious. In firebase u cannot store any data as tag which contains special character like @, %, # etc. You can use mobile number instead.

Else use airtable spreadsheet for storing log in/registration data (if you are collecting information of user). Best stuff you can use is Google Authentication login and it is provided in Kodular.

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You are using ‘.’ character that is not supported in Firebase.
You can use “Replace all text” block to clear any ‘.’ from your app to store or get value to or from Firebase