Runtime error (minimun valid number item) Pls Solve asap

i want that if user select anything from the list that should be opened on another screen. But I am getting a runtime error.
Pls help me to solve it asap…

Please search the forum as this kind of question has been answered before.

Also, everyone on here is volunteering their time. If you demand help ASAP then you should pay for it.


kodular list id starts with 1 not 0

Replace this block

To this

And try …:slightly_smiling_face:

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Your error shows that your listview selection does not have a value/index. Make sure you have set a list tothe listview.

Check that your listview selection is correct (have you made a listview selection? / have you set elements to the listview?)

Also you could replace your index in list thing with listview.selectionIndex.

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Try this and see if it works for you

Actually, I am working on a school project and I have to showcase the apk that’s why I wrote asap. From now onward I will take care of it.

thank you very much it worked

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