Runtime Error The operation + cannot accept the arguments: , [0], [*empty-string*]

Uploading: IMG-20200627-WA0001.jpg…

Uploading: IMG-20200627-WA0004.jpg… Uploading: IMG-20200628-WA0000.jpg…

Please write in the question in your post not in the title… and post all the blocks and don’t click images and send instead right click and select ‘Download blocks as image’

One simple question:
Have you searched in the community?

I don’t think so it’s needed. The error says it all.
First of all your picture of blocks is so blurry.

While storing value in account DB At bottom in the image Where you are adding two variables in that one of them is empty.

His reading time is just 6m

I knew it :sunglasses:
Users post these questions only when they are new and have not explored community :slightly_smiling_face: