Runtime error unbound location $filename

I got this error, i’ve search any keyword about this error in google but i didn’t found any solution

For google json file, alredy uploaded

Did you modify your aia file? i mean deleted anything through 7zip?

No any edit outside the kodular

if not pls check your file path, whether it is fixed correctly or not. do it debug

Can you show all blocks of that screen (New) ?

May be some similar case

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I tried to show file path with show alert function, that’s fine. No problem with file path

Yeah i can, but its too much block for capture screen

Right Click on white space & select Download Blocks as Image

It shows you have 3 errors in your project in the blocks area… Go through and fix them. This error happens if a variable doesn’t exist in a new place you moved your blocks to.

Have you searched in the community?

Yes, i’ve search in community, but i only found $number, but my case is $filename

Do you find any error count in blocks section?

i found it all, it’s just a few blocks that I separated from the “When…” event

That’s why you need to be very cautious with error count whenever you go for apk. Finally you got it… always go with show error. So that we could find the error spot easily by searching yellow triangle

Thankyou very much, I try to click it and that bring me to the error point

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