Runtime error using BLE extension

I am making an app to control some led strips over bluetooth. I am using this Bluetooth low energy extension: (178.3 KB)

As soon as I start the app (technically, every time i get into Screen1), i get this error:

I actually have no clue on what it could be. I’ll leave the .aia and a screenshot of my Screen1 code:

Not all extension developer for AI2 work fine in other frameworks.
Test make you app in AI2 ?

You can test other extension. Check Taifun Classic Bluetooth Extension.

And Kodular have its own Bluetooth component.
Here Documentation:

Nevermind, I found the error.

I copied the .aia, and in the new .aia i disabled all Screen1 functions. Then I proceded to repeat these steps:

  1. Enable 1 function
  2. Export APK
  3. Try APK
  4. If it works, enable another function. If it doesn’t you know that the last function you enabled, was the one causing the error.

It seems that sliders “move” when screen initializes, and so my “when slider position changed” function was calling bluetooth to send data. Thanks for the help.

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The default Kodular bluetooth component doesn’t work with BLE devices.

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