Runtime error while visibling two layout

I have created a team preview all is done and working fine but when I close(invisible)the preview layout it causes a runtime error

Block image when I click on layout to close or invisible


Attempt to invoke virtual method…
on a null object reference

i get this error while using Dynamic Components.

I am also using

Are u using the latest version of the extension?

Yes I am using the latest version

Any solution to this please help me

Remove block Team layout visible true from socket. First Check preview visible false is working, then check Team layout visible true.

Not working

Finally I got the error

Can you tell us where was the error? So any one else got the same error can find the solution here :thinking:

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I made a big mistake that is

blocks (16)

when I click on vertical arrangement (team preview)
The error cause because team preview vertical arrangement is not dynamic

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