Runtime error why sometimes this error is coming if i get all downloaded pdf from storage (google drive) in list

the download size is larger than the free storage capacity.

Check free storage media capacity, clean storage media or delete unnecessary data

sometimes this error not coming why

One of the reason for this error is not switching screens properly. If the screen remains open they consume memory and hence this error occurs.
How are you switching the screens?

my emulator have 1gb ram .


Why to use so many screens? Instead you can use virtual screens (layouts)

See also :point_down:

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i have used layout in many screen but we cannot use many layout in one screen bcz from more blocks on one screen hangs my laptop

There are other tips also in the topic I quoted. Go through it once.

Also what’s the size of assets in your project?

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how to get asset size

How many asset files are there and what’s the size of them individually?

asset size around 3.5mb

I guess you are using heavy assets. Try to decrease the assets size. Also you said you are on an emulator which has only 1 gb RAM. Try it on a real device.

Also go through the tips in the quoted topics

in real device no issue but emulator hangs

but my users will use my app in emulator also so