Runtime error with Extension

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i m using extension in my app as the new release said that bugs using extensions are fixed but i m getting a full page of runtime error

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please help!


Is that happening with every extension or just this one?

till now i have used this one only and also a extendedwebviewer which always be a problem for me as it also gave errors so i removed that one but cant remove this one!

Its too uch i have created the same project third time from starting till end still it have bugs

Where is the extension coming from? If you reload the builder can you remove it then?

i can’t understand what you said ?


Start Makeroid again and see if you can remove the extension.

What is the name of the extension? What is it for?

its name is “netconnected” and used to check internet connection in the app

But that is build into Makeroid already. That is maybe were the error is coming from. There are so many components that it is good to look around before using an extension.




@Peter Thanks!
A lot