Runtime Permission

Hey Guys,
I need help about permissions.

For Example i have Added Internal or External Storage permission and user allowed it. Then how can i check the user Media, Storage etc, Data. I mean where or on which website i can store the data and how can i read all media etc.


Thank’s as always… :+1:

This is strictly prohibited to steal user’s data.

Asim bro i have 100,000+ users they said why your app access media. I have not added any permission in my app but app is taking access. i made on kodular.

May be a component or an extension you used, needs Storage Permission to run.

Asim Bro i have not used any extension or component.

I Just used firebase and Device tool option.

Are you serious?! How, your app works then? :sweat_smile:

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Hahahaha. yes bro i’m serious please check this blocks.

When you add sharing option on your app, it needs a storage permission.

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Bro I have not added sharing option.

Bro i have chaged Storage option from Firebase to Airtable but showing same problem.

I abandoned all my replies as I am shocked to see your screenshot above on the post! You’re using camera to taking picture. So, don’t you want to save that picture on Storage?? That’s why you have to give the app Storage Permission.

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Sir where i’m using camera?

Look at the picture you posted along with original post. I can see, there is a option called Select Photo. It means, you’re allowing app to choose photo from Storage.

Bro this is not my picture i found this on Google only for searching about permissions.

Is it pretty confidential that you can’t post your own?


On community, we take screenshots as a helping stuff. And you’re kidding us.

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  1. Bro you’re wrong i said i just post for Knowing about Permissions i mean where i can store data if i added any permission…

  2. I have made 1 application as we discussed i have not added any permission but app taking permission. Storage etc.

How to know this screenshot is not yours?

Blocks and Create account screenshots is mine. Allow to access photos, media, and files on your device is not mine. i just uploaded for knowing please read carefully.