Same Blocks not working

I have a project in other builder. At there , it is working fine but, with same blocks PHP not responding in kodular. Why this happens? And how to fix it?

It is vague information.
Please give more information.

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Like my php responding invalid parameters but, same blocks working fine in other builders. And invalid parameters are response when user post a text can’t store by db. If that’s the reason so, why it is working in alternative builder. If any admins want I will provide them, php to check at telegram.

Please do read this topic and try to elaborate your problem

We generally post the blocks here. We also post error messages. Also, if necessary, we post the script. There are no reasons why Kodular blocks are generating an error. You need to check what is being sent (POST) to the script. It is the most I can suggest.

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okay as you wish wait

Now, as you can see this are the blocks. In this blocks, after button 1. click I have to set url then, i request headers and then, I post a command to get point. And same blocks working fine in other builders but, in kodular web got msg “invalid parameters. kindly check and try again” and data from server is empty. I have deleted procedure in headers because of security purpose.

Is This message from your script ?

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Yes, I got message from script if you can personally message me at telegram @technohelpe i will provide you that PHP script

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Did You Read And test my sugestion ?

okay, wait

blocks (4)
Still showing invalid parameters

Check in your script , what’s coming. use print_r or var_dump and die () and show what comes from your Script

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