Same Screen Opens Everytime. Pls Help

Whenever I click on a particular button it opens the same screen despite it is set to open another screen. But in kodular companion app it works fine but after installing the apk file the problem arises. Any help will be greatly appreciated


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The screen name is POWERPOINT in all the buttons

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I am in “PowerPoint Screen”. I have few buttons there. Whenever I click on any one of the buttons i need to go to the “POWERPOT” screen. But the same screen which is “PowerPoint Screen” opens. It doesn’t go to the next screen. But in companion app it is working. It is not working after I install the app.

If you want to go to POWERPOT you have to set screen name to POWERPOT

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If you want to go to these Quiz screens, use a “open another screen” block, not the ones with start values.