Same Website Error In All WebViews

I Have Made An Application Of Train Enquiry Using Many Websites… I’m Of 14 Age And I Love App Development… , Please Tell Me The Solution Of Problem Occurs In My App That Is " I Have Used 6 Webviews With Different Names Each And In Each , Their Is A Different Website . But , Always Same Webpage Appears In Each Webview .ITES (2).apk (7.4 MB)

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What about making a good title?

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Use clear cache block :thinking:

Show you block


Read this

Change your title please. I unlist this for the moment.

This Is My Block. I Have Not Written Much But Just Written To "Load Page On Opening Of Screen And Then If Back Pressed , Go To Homescreen "

I Don’t Understand What You Wanted To Say Me

I Have Tried It Earlier But It Was Not Working :frowning:

I told you show block

I Have Send It Screenshot_2020-07-21-09-11-16-26

You are saying that you are using many website. But there was only one website url i am seeing

As You Said , I Shared The Blocks. I Have Made 5 Buttons In My App. Each button Opens Different Pages Where Different Websites Are There. I Just Used Simple Blocks Settlement Which You Seen Earlier… I Want To Talk You On WhatsApp

I Did , Now …

You doesn’t showing us all that block.i or anyone can’t help you properly if you doesn’t show us properly