Satellite and ISS tracker try now

What is the name of your app? Satellite and ISS tracker

Describe your app:Now live track International Space Station on single click. Let’s have some fun!

Do you want to know what’s up in your sky now? Let’s see.Our app gives you ISS location on the map to track it with more accurately.
Some best features:

  • Live ISS Tracking
  • What’s up in your sky now?
  • Tracking other Satellites over your head
  • News related to space, astronomy
  • Who peoples are in the space with aircraft
  • Picture of the day with explanation
  • Find your IP address
    So let’s enjoy it!

Screenshots:s1 s2 s3 s4 s5 s6 s1

App Store/Download link:


I got a bug here :point_down:

This happens every time when we back press from device’s back button and the data is about to be displayed after the loader gets dismissed. Same case happens wherever loader appears before the data…

Also the fullscreens ads appearing frequently are bit annoying :expressionless:

Thanks for your attention and valuable reply.I will remove that bug and update it again. Again thanks very much if you got any other bug please help me to remove i mean simply mention it

can i learn to make this tracker app with you