Satellite search

There is an idea to create an application for finding a satellite when setting up a satellite dish. The idea is that the names of TV satellites are set in the application, the user selects the satellite he needs, and pointing the phone at the sky finds the exact location of the satellite by coordinates. but the problem is that I have no idea how to prescribe the angle of the terrain, etc. I tried to create based on the compass, but it does not work. for example satellite data

Elevation and azimuth for setting up a satellite dish on Tricolor TV in Moscow
Data for setting up a satellite dish onTricolor TVin Moscow, Central Administrative District (latitude: 55.7428° longitude: 37.6154°):

Satellite: 36E EUTELSAT W4
Elevation (elevation):26,5 °
Azimuth (true):182.6 °
Azimuth (magnetic):171.5 °

how to implement so that the canvas would react
when i tilt my phone up, down, right, left