Save a picture with a back date? Help

I´m making a magic App in which I need to save a canvas image in the phone but with a back date, for example 10 days ago, so when opens the gallery it´s seems like it was taken days ago.

I know there is some metadata extension there, but not say nothing about changing the date of the picture, and couldn´t find anything related or similar.

if someone can help me will be really appreciated.

Thanks again

Can someone tell me if it´s possible save a picture with a specific date time, for example with a date 10 days ago?

I want that when I open the gallery the pic is not the last one that shows.

There is some extension or java code to do that?

it looks like there currently is no extension available, which can edit image metadata…
you always can search the extensions directory yourself…

I did a Stackoverflow search and found this snippet for you

you could write your own extension and create the functionality yourself…
more information about how to create an extension see the App Inventor Extensions document
however that will be more advanced and will require some Java skills…

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thanks for your response, I found this exif extension but you think it could be able to do what I need? App Inventor Extensions: Exif | Pura Vida Apps

I tested the apk from the playstore and it seems that changes the date, but in the gallery it appears in the same position that it was.

I don´t know java code so I will not have so much luck creating one :frowning:

well, if you read the description carefully…

Image Metadata Extension to read the metadata of an image file

which means the answer is no

The one you send me is the Metadata extension, the one I told is the Exif extension, which descriptions says “This extension enables you to for read and write Exif tags in a JPEG file or a RAW image file.”

you are correct… I forgot about that extension… :laughing:
from its description

This extension enables you to for read and write Exif tags in a JPEG file or a RAW image file.

so the answer is you can set the value under the given tag for JPEG files, but not for png files…



read the large green box on the bottom of this page App Inventor Extensions: Exif | Pura Vida Apps


If someone else have a solution or know some extension paid or free that could do this, please share, thanks to all.