Save and retrieve TinyDBX to/from SdCard and FireBase. Share TinyDBX

Hello friends,

In 2017 I released an old extension to use a TinyDBX, similar to TinyDB.
With this extension we could have different TinyDB through the “Pretag” property, similar to what is now “Namespace”.
Furthermore we could easily save and retrieve TinyDB by saving it in a file in the SdCard.!searchin/mitappinventortest/tinyDBX|sort:date/mitappinventortest/7n0CPHIfZSc/BoebXhvYCAAJ

We are going to use that extension to save our TinyDBX in FireBase and SdCard, then retrieve it.

Note that we will save the entire TinyDBX with a single tag (in this example: mytinydbx).
Notice that I have used Spanish characters: Ñ, ñ, tilde …

p257B_tinydbxFireBaseK.aia (17.2 KB)

Here extension:

With CloudDB in App Inventor:

Juan A. Villalpando.


I want to give you a compliment. :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: I like what you keep developing and how you use it very much.


Thank you @Peter


I think this could be so usefull for my app because I want suscribed users could save the whole TinyDB in a web database and use their configuration in many devices.
I’m quite knew about online databases, if someone could give me a little guide of which options are the best for this task, I would be very grateful.
My principal doubts are if its better (possilbe) to use Firebase database or Firebase storage and how to tag each user’s TinyDB for save and retrieve.
Thanks in advance!