Save app data offline

Hello Koders,
I’ve made a fully offline game. And I’ve added a Scoreboard to it. And threre’s a problem. When I play the game once , the score shows properly. But when i close the application and then enter the app next time the score doesn’t remains the same. It shows O.

EXAMPLE: I scored highest 16. than the high score shows 16 properly but when I close the app and enter the app another time the high score shows 0.

So, please tell me if there is a way how can i save the score data on my phone OFFLINE .

Show your blocks please.

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Hello @rohankhan_me99
One of the way to store the data offline is to use the Tiny DB component.
Have you used it in your app? If yes then, by what way are you using it?
To know all these, as @Peter said, you have to give more information by providing your project related blocks

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