Save data as a list in Airtable and get it as a list as well

Hi everybody!

I’m trying to save data in airtable like a list, in this case, the order’s detail (Apple , 3 unit; Orange, 2 unit;…). I want to save it like a list in a Airtable’s column and then, when I need it, to get this data like a list, but I get “the argument is not a list”

This is the data saved in airtable. “ListaPedido” is the order’s detail.

Here I Save the customer’s order. First, in the For each, I create a local List (Lista_Pedido) with Description of item and quantity. Then, I save the order with necessary data and the list with the order’s detail.


Here I get the data: (Here, I get the fail in “Select list item”)


How I have to save or get the list??
Thank for your help!

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Thank you! I was looking for something like list+airtable, but I don’t found this post.
Fix it!! Thank you again.
This was my solution, for other like me.

Saving the data:

Getting the data:


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