Save data in phone

I have used around 5 tinydb in the app. These tiny dbs are storing data base in the form of dictionary and list in phone. I want to cater for contingency when the user change his phone to new phone then how he can transfer the data from old phone to new phone. When we make clone of phone using clone app are these tiny db data are transferred to new phone automatically or we need to cater for this contingency in the app?

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After some extensive research the answer is Yes… it transfers the tinydb data to the new phone


As per my experience the best way to store user information is firebase auth or database or airtable… Its more easy.


Yes @akshat rana Right use external database storage .


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I am planning to use firebase authentication and after authentication I will call stored tinybd values from the firebase in screen. Initialise and after usage in close screen function i will store the changed tinydb values in the bucket.
Am I planning correct or any better way of doing this?

What should I search in community for this

Firebase database setup

Firebase Authentication setup

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Yes you are doing correct… Just search about the firebase database tutorial