Save push notifications?

Is there a way to save or store OneSignal push notifications to user’s app?? Something like messages from company, so user can check that later if wants.

Because OneSignal notification shows only once.
Is there a way? Somehow?

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You could store them in a tinydb.


Can you show me example please?

Here is a tutorial on tinydb

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But how can i store the notification title and text to TinyDB that comes from another source(OneSignal)??

How does the onesignal blocks look?

Basically i’ve integrated OneSignal in my app for push notifications afterwards… And it’s working pretty good.
But, i want to save those notification content in app for later. I don’t know how?

You can receive the notification contents once we get some bugs fixed (Notification Received and Opened event are in the works)


I know. I never worked with onesignal. How is the notification send to the app and shown on the screen. There should be the possibility to store it inside a tinydb.

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You have to create an account on and add an app as a project.
Second thing is that you have to use Google Firebase Cloud Messaging feature where you get Server Key and Sender ID that you provide in OneSignal project.

Now OneSignal use that Firebase Cloud Messaging feature and send notification to your app when it connects to the Internet.

OneSignal provide App ID that we use in Makeroid OneSignal component to connect it to our OneSignal account.


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Means ATM is not possible?

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Yes you can, but you need to send the notification from a server app that you use to send the notifications using the extension of @Jerin_Jacob , when sending them, you save them in a firebase, and then the client can see them from firebase this is an example:


3 years have elapsed and it looks like those bugs have not been yet solved.
Notification Received and Opened events are not still working properly.
Any hope to eventually get a fix? Thanks.

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