Save to favorites, Dynamic components

Hello everyone, I would appreciate help with this problem:

  1. A dynamic component is created which will be repeated 20 times using a loop.

  2. A card is created within the interface and this event triggers it:

and results:

hence all good, now the question would be, how do I press the “favorite” heart button to save that element in a new arrangement on the same screen.

I’ve been trying by duplicating the dynamic component procedure and saving the values ​​in the “when any Card View.Click” event.
but it won’t let me create it with the same id.

You would have to use different ids. For saved components just add something to the id like ‘save’ using the join block. Then if you want to reference the component you know which one it is.

And to reuse the event “when any Card View.Click” event. "?

Yes. So if for the saved card you have added ‘save’ to the id, in the click event you would have to use ‘replace all text’ block on the ‘component id’ to replace ‘save’ with empty text (i.e. removing the ‘save’ part) so you can just treat it as the actual dynamic component that it was favourited from.

I am only guessing what your blocks are supposed to do so I hope this is right. Let me know if I am confused about your situation.