Save values specifically

Hi folks, I have another question that I feel is impossible.

Does anyone know how to save values ​​to a database like this:

I want for example, if new values ​​are stored in the database, label 1 becomes 2, two becomes 3 … and so on without losing the values ​​that each contains inside.

Did you understand me? It is very difficult for oneself to explain using the translator :frowning:

Store The Value.
Call The Value in a List.
Reverse The List.


is what I did but I don’t know what error there is in firebase and it only gets me 19 elements, and I’m tired of looking for a solution


Sorry i Use Airtable.


thanks anyway


In firebase old/already stored tag or values can’t change automatically but you can use reverse list firstly call get all tags then store in a variable and at the time of use reverse it


It was the first thing I did but I have this error

What’s weird in that you have tags as 05, 06,07 and you are getting so

If still have some problem try adding text before numbers like text05 or text015

that way the numerical order is maintained in the database?