Saving csv file error using File component

Greetings for all Koders :hugs:
When I tried to save a CSV file to my phone, this error appears to me after building an app



See here

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What does storing it in the ASD means?? :thinking:

ASD means app specific directory

Can I use this extension to DownloasToASD By @bodymindpower


Yes try it

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There isn’t any url to download, i just have a list :upside_down_face:

Have a look at

Is there any wrong here ( Greater than sign )? :roll_eyes:

What i understand is that we use

if the sdk > 29, So this sign must be less than ( < )

Since you also posted in MIT’s community I’m sure @bodymindpower will help you solve the problem

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@bodymindpower is one of our best supporters in this community :muscle: :woman:

Thank you @dora_paz for your time

Don’t post direct links to an extension that you didn’t create yourself.

No one has ever told me this before but it’s good that I knew it :neutral_face:

Saving a text file with the File component in a non-existing folder doesn’t work.
You must create this folder first (e.g. with the File component or FileTools ext. form @vknow360 .

This works on all Android versions:

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Or shorter:


Thank you very much for your support. I will try this
then report to you

Or this, even more compact: saveTextFileInASD.aia (3.0 KB)
and without any extension.

But it request still storage permission. This bug has still not been fixed.

If denied:

Tested on Android 11. This make no sense at all, because on Android 11+ devices WRITE permission is no longer available.

Note: No storage permissions starting with Android KitKat (API 19) are required for the ASD.

This bug should finally be fixed.
@pavi2410 @Vishwas