Saving google map to image

why i cant convert my shown map to image …
is there anyone in this community alredy solved this problem

i have search for this problem in this community & do like their suggestion …but unfortunately.,.the result is always same ,the map always shown blank

i have try this extension

1.component to image

and the result is still map blank only shown Google logo image

thank you…
Screenshot 2021-12-30 165058

Android version ? Are you using latest version of extension ? Have you read …

android 10…
where is ASD Location ?

thank you

i have make simple app just contain component to image extension , and map component,
it sucsess for convert to image …but the map still blank ( black screen ) only left google logo

i have purchased the API of google map & its works perfect to show the map before but the problem when its converted to image ( use component to image extension ) & Pdf ( use kio4 pdf ) its alaways to be blank

thank you

Is google map inside an arrangment ? If not try to put it in an arrangement

still problem i have try inside arrangement & oiutside “only gmap component …”
still blank

this is my block when im use google map inside arrangement

thank you

Maybe the developer @Jerin_Jacob can help you with this specific problem

thanks for the tag & for the help…

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which Android version are you using for your tests?
your file will be stored inside the ASD for devices >= Android 10…


android 10…
its not about no file to save,

honestly its can save to my internal memory
but the problem is the google map image blank only left google logo… when the map converted to image with component to image extension , i have try your screenshoot extension & pdf generator from kio4 and the problem still…


i found interesting app ,there is free app in play store…
its called GPS MAP CAMERA… the app works great and its can save the map to image,

if im see the output file,the map is transperency,
so… cause it i try to make my map component transperency with opacity extension [ im found this extension from this community ,thanks ] maybe its can be save like this app…but unfortunately …
the result is same …blank

im attach the screenshoot of this gps map camera