Scam With Admob Extension ( Please Help Kodular Staff )

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  1. I’ve not removed you from paid user list.
  2. I’m taking only $5 for the xml support native ad, not for the sdk update.
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But we can’t use the normal ads too, as it’s being shown we are not registered, and also with native ads app is crashing. Please resolve this issue.

Please tell him (the buyer) to text me in Telegram/WhatsApp.

You can’t use the extension. Cause you’e not my paid user.
So please tell him to text me.

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Alright, he’ll contact you.

And he is using it, and getting a popup telling he’s not registered.

Ok i contact you

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@JEWEL is a trusted developer . So please if you have any queries or complain about extension contact jewel on WhatsApp or telegram …

Yes trusted person but i already pay 10$ why 5$ again i pay :unamused:

So the problem is now solved but @ayan1 still has to pay to get it resolved.

Yes issue solve thank you

So instead of a extension developer look bad on the community you could have handled this another way. I unlist and close this. Next time think about this before accusing people.

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