Scan to retrieve airtable data

Dear kodular helpers!
I am trying to develop a royalty app for my students. I have created a spreadsheet using airtable and I have linked it to my project. So, I created a screen where the students can scan their unique QR code, so as to access their balance, their incomes, and their outcomes. But despite the fact that when I scan a QR code, the student’s name is displayed, the income/outcome/balance does nothing. I have tried everything, but nothing works for me…

There are many things wrong

  1. first if you are setting everything in blocks you are missing VIEW NAME
  2. GET COLUMN will only bring you the column with the names, which you must replace with a code since the name can be repeated.
  3. You never launch the GET ALL ROW so said response block will not be executed.
  4. “Response code” is a connection/response status value, not a ROW index.

Start by reading some initial guide regarding Airtable.

First of all, thank you for replying. Actually I am a beginner at kodular and I am trying to combine multiple posts and guidance rules, so as to achieve what I want. But I think I am completely lost. So, I use the QRcode as a code, I added GET ALL ROW, but I need to know:

  1. Do I have to create a variable for each column? (name, incomes, outcomes, balance and QRcode)
  2. Despite the fact that I get the user’s name, the balance/incomes/outcomes are not displayed.
    I don’t know what else I can do, I use this as a guide Select Data Form Spreadsheet (Like Vlookup data form Spreadsheet) - #12 by arief_ifpro , but I am completely confused of how I can transform this for airtable. I also downloaded the airtable guide with the AIA file, but couldn’t find any solutions.

You Called for get Column but You are Running the Procedure to display details for the event to gel all rows. Change that yellow block and look for a yellow block that says “when spreadsheet1 . Get Column”
Nd put all those blocks in the that one

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