Scania - QR And Barcode Application

The Best QR and Barcode App!

Our App Improves User Experience Our App Is The Best Professional App With This App You Can Unlock New Features

After Reading QR Code Open Website Or Copy


  • Fast Scan

  • Recently Searched Tab

  • New Interface

  • Android 15 Compatibility

  • Free Premium Feature

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the name of the application?


What Is the Purpose of Your Application?

QR and Barcode Application

What Best Describes Your Application?

Simple, Fast and Safe

What is your Support Mail?

Go To Scania Site

What is your company name?

Legacy Inc.

System Requirements

-Android Version 5.0+

-7,3 - 21,2 MB Storage

-1GB~ Ram

-Must Have A Device With At Least 1920x1080 Size


Latest Update What’s New!

  • Login Screen Removed

  • 2.0 Bugs Fixed

  • History Screen Edited

  • QR Code Generator Added

Our Application Will Continue to Get Updates…

App Store/Download Link:

Scania 1.0.apk (7.5 MB)
Scania 2.0.apk (7.3 MB)
Scania 3.0.apk (7.3 MB)
Scania 4.0.apk (8.6 MB)

Scania 5.0.apk (8.6 MB)

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Nice application. But just curious to know the need of login / signup in a Scanner app :sweat_smile:

The application is still under development. Our team is testing our application, but thanks to users like you, our application is better. Thanks for helping us!

Support & Bug Report:
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Developer Diary:

Be aware that “Scania” is a licensed name of a truck manufacturer

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We Are Not A Truck Manufacturer We Made An App And We Bring “-ia” To The Word “Scan” Man, We Didn’t Have Such A Thing In Mind Until You Said It

I hope you understand


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I know very well. It was just to inform you but I don’t think you will have problems with them :blush:

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Hey UnknowBeast!

Yes, So We Made the Login Tab to Avoid Communication Problems When People Reach Us By Email, We Check If They Are Our Users, If Not, We Ignore The User When Users Contact Us, They Have To Give That E-mail In Their E-mail Or In Their E-Mail They Have Problems!

The fact that you collect data for something so simple as a barcode reader makes me wonder what more you collect. Personally I would advise against using such an application.


Hey Peter!

The Data We Collect Is Very Simple Data Is Not Shared To 3rd Party Applications. User Data Is Only “ID, Profile Picture, Email, Name” No Other Data Is Collected For Reaching Only

Hope you understand!
(We Do This For Entertainment And User Experience, Not For Money)


  • Developer

Someones picture, name and email is not simple data. The fact that you state that is reason enough to not use the app. Nobody knows what you are doing with that “simple” data. And if it was for entertainment you could just stop collecting that.

You get only one topic per application. No need to make another one when you make a new version. Just edit your first post.

How is it Organized?

Finally, the reason why there is a login button in the application is both to be “Contact Us” and to make the interface look nice. Our application is not a malicious program! Users Can Request Deletion of Their Data If They Want, We Will Delete It Without Question


=> We Apologize If We Did Something Bad
Legacy Team

If You Will Add A “Skip” Button For Our Users, It’s OK!

Hello. How about if we add a “Skip” button to the login screen in the new update 3.0 or remove it completely?

I’d recommend removing it completely. The app looks nice but a log-in for a scanner app can be tedious when you quickly want to do a scan. Look into other QR scanning apps and see what you can add, maybe a feature to create your own QR/barcode?

Ok! Yes Ok We Can Do Something Like This

We’re Listening to My Users We’ll Release Update 3.0!
Coming With The Update And More:

  • The Sign In Tab Will Be Removed

Notification System Will Not Be Added

  • Bug With 2.0 Will Be Fixed

  • We Can Make QR and Barcode Generating Tab

We decided to do something like this based on the reactions we received, we wish you to be happy with the new features…

Finally Update Will Be Released Here:

Legacy Development Team!

Hello Peter!

Now We Have Decided To Follow What You Said And We Have Released the 3.0 Update If You Want You Can Download And Review It Now We Don’t Want To Lose Our Users