Screamy Bird - The flappy bird you control with your voice

Screamy Bird

I have recently uploaded Screamy bird to the play store. The aim of the game is just like Flappy bird but instead of tapping the screen to fly, you use your voice.


Here is the link to the Play Store:
Screamy Bird - Play Store

Please let me know of any issues within the app. Appreciate it!


Great concept as well as app

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Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it

I don’t think ppl would prefer screaming over tapping :sweat_smile:


:joy: I guess it would start to become tedious. That’s why I also added the original tapping option in the game! It’s just fun to try using your voice and the game doesnt require screaming but instead just an audible sound change.

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bro… is it possible to show some block for the sound sensor? i dont ask aia. Just picture of the block for sound sensor. favor. Advance thank you

how i can make button like this

I will post the blocks that I used.

Which button would that be?

Thats how I did it and the extension used is com.KIO4_VUmeter

is the bird flying function triggered by clock component?

It is hard to control but the funniest game ever tried :sweat_smile::joy::joy: Well done @Saezy

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My family probably had some concerns while i was making this app with all my weird test noises

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Yes, sorry about that. Many of my apps have been removed until I make some minor updates. I have been unable to work on any apps (or anything really) due to some hardships. Hopefully I can get back to them soon.