Screen bug I can't open screen with open screen

(KC) #1

I can’t open screen with open screen block. :pensive:

(Shreyash Saitwal) #2

Next time please search the community before asking any question. :pray:

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Make sure the screen name you have given, is same as you gave while creating the screen.

You may want to show your blocks, so anyone here can pin-point the possible mistake.

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(Kanishka Chakraborty) #6

Did you just throw a cat at your keyboard to type that screen name?

(KC) #7

i use Yandex Browser.

(Shreyash Saitwal) #8

Try copying the screen with another name.

(Shreyash Saitwal) #9

No! :joy: It happens whenever you import a screen to your project!

(anuragtekam0) #10

It happens when you import screens

(anuragtekam0) #11

delect the package name fully clear it all and then simply type the screen name in the openscreen block
Please tell me if it helps



Or you can simply change the screen name in the blocks section where there is block something like open screen scree name.

But make sure that the name you give, should be exactly same as the one shown in your image above

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(Pme) #14

Check custom package name

(Shreyash Saitwal) #15

Have you tried this? :point_down:

(KC) #16

same happen Trying open screen with Activity Starter

(anuragtekam0) #17

Try my method i guess it will work

(KC) #18

Now I find a way to fix it.