Screen crash , please help

Hi everybody!!

I’m finishing my app, but any days ago, my app crash in the last screen. It’s a delivery app. First screen, presentation, second screen item list available to shop y the third screen, confirm purchase.

The App was working fine from weeks ago, but this fail surprise me.

Simply, when I try to open the third screen, the app open a blank screen and restart app.

I have filled in all the empty fields of each component.

This is the log using adb logcat *:E, but I don’t understand it. I see a fail in SENDPUSHNOTIFICATION. Before, this works fine.

What I can to do?

thank you!!!

Do you use any of the following extensions?

  1. DeepHost’s SQL_Database
  2. Mirxtrem’s Firebase Auth
  3. Mirxtrem’s Firebase Srorage

No, I don’t

Other extensions used in project ?

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Only this…

Which extension is this …?


I use it for send notification to only one device

I can`t find where I got this extension. May be the cause?? 2 weeks ago, works fine. Any other extension to send notification on selected user??

what do you thing about this extension?

Well, yes. I replaced the extension I put higher up, and it works. Now work fine.
But I use the same extension in the principal app and works fine… :woman_shrugging:.

Just in case, I will replace it too in the principal app.


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Always be sure that you use latest versions of extensions in a project :slight_smile:

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