Screen error block is not catching "Error 1103: Unable to post or put the text" on slow internet connection

Ok finally try this… in your blocks you have used same notifier , I mean first notifier 1 is dismissed and again you initiated same notifier to alert user. Sometime it is not possible. What I am suggesting you is use notifier2 to alert users with your own message. Drag in another notifier and instead of call notifier1 show alert try with call notifier2 show alert in when the orders screen error occurred block. Try and let us know

Followed the above instructions but,
If user initiate a post request in slow network connection and closed the app by mobiles navigation bar menu, It reveals @Taifun 's MySql script server key to the app users again. What should I do now?

It is now working on my “asus zenphone Lite L1”, but problem still exists on " Yunique Plus YU4711"

Can you give your apk for testing with procedures??

I have same problem…
Any solution?