Screen Horizontal Scroll

I have set my screen 1 to scrollable. When the app is installed and in the viewer, the screen can be scrolled vertically, either by dragging the slider or by dragging the screen vertically. But I cannot scroll horizontally on the viewer.
Please advise, am I missing something?
Regards Julian.

You can’t make screen scroll horizontally .But you can use horizontal scroll arrangement that will allow you to scroll the items inside horrizontally.

Works great. Thank you for your advice. As the vertical scroll worked without needing a component, I assumed the Horizontal scroll would work the same. I should have thought of a horizontal scrollable component myself. Sorry to have missed the blatantly obvious and wasted your time. But thank you very much for your help.
I just hope I’m not missing something else. But how do I scroll horizontally in the creator? There is a vertical scroll bar on the right of the viewer for vertical scrolling, but no way I can see how to scroll horizontally.
Regards Julian.

Actually i didn’t found a way.:pensive: it looks like there is scrollbar for the vertical/horizontal arrangement .Maybe some one can confirm.

You’re welcome.Please as it worked mark my answer as solution :grin:

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No there isn’t a way for that, but if you have set the creator to mobile phone, then you can change it to tablet… It would be like a zoom out to view all the contents you have placed in the right side too

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