Screen limitations

Hello i really have a problem that i am planning to make a really huge app that can nearly contain 1250 screens yaah and no i can’t use vertical arrangement to divide my screen into 4 but yeah i recently migrated from thunkable to mit just of screen limitation and app size thunkable have limit of 50mb of appsize and then i get to know about mit app inventor which have no limit of google cloud api so that no 50mb limit is there and then real problem came appinventor does’nt have monetization options so i can’t earn any funds so then i started searching and landed to kodular so just clear my doubt can i make around 1250+ screens in one app

Can you give an example of the apps you make?

You are completely on the wrong track if you need 1250+ screens

My thought too


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Hmm, if the screens are similar to one another, you should just make a template and change the text accordingly…

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There is nothing possible that needs so may screens.

AS @Boban and @Abhijith_Dominic said, you are probably on the wrong track. Describbe what you are trying to do, and we can help structure it. Perhaps this is not a suitable app for an AI platform.

Those guys know what they are talking abbout.


do you want to use webviewer for every screen?