Screen orientation crashes app whule using extension

I have a screen that contains many arrangements, a sidebar when it is in portrait mode everything is good but when screen is rotated to landscape the screen becomes white evrything disappear and i must close app and open it again. Any hint ?
Thank you

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Can you share screenshots of Blocks and App

Try using this;

@lxmipaudel Is there Any Solution Without resetting the screen since my app shows and hides arrrangements so with your solution the app will be reseted is there any solution.
thank you

What about this:


ohh i did’t see it , but it woked alonw thank you

I don’t think the problem is the orientation. You are going to a different screen when the orientation changes, so have you checked doing the orientation change when the other screen opens?

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@Italo My app only contains 1 screen

Sorry but the blocks you posted shows that you are opening Screen6.
If you have only one screen then how are you expecting to open another screen?

EDIT: Sorry, I thought the blocks were yours, my mistake.


Actually my project contains so many blocks and arrangements my screenshot is so big thats why i tried to solve it without posting it

Are you using lots of images in your arrangements which are hidden

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Actualy yes , my app is about 4 pages but all in one screen where evry page shows its arrangements and hide all the other ones

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Most likely a memory issue.


Then how i can solve such problem

@Mohammad_Farfour Reposting this just to remind you that without seeing blocks, all we can do is to imagine what the problem could be. So, it’s requested to post some helpful stuffs here.


I was uploading blocks and then i discovered what is the problem it is from a sidebar extension i was using .
Thank You all Guys I will now try to use kodular sidebar

Seems you’re on a super secret project! Anyway, good luck ahead!

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No its not scret but i discovered the problem it is from this extention .