Screen orientation problem

I face the problem in screen orientation, i set the screen orientation in landscape but when screen open then for few seconds its show in portrait form and then its show in landscape . give your valuable feedback

Search the community to find out, that this is a known issue


We are still waiting for a reply from the Devs


I have downloaded Ai2 app for other extenstion, but luckily i find out an extension that solves this issue. Finally here is a fix from @Sumit1334

But its paid (expensive) , @Diego can you discuss with @Sumit1334 to bring a fix to Kodular.

I avoid paid extensions because they check every time server-side.

Reason: cheking processes not good thing Low-end devices already have some lag. Some time display annoying popup

And I also visit there app to buy orientation fix extention but my mind calculation buy or not :pensive: