Screen width problem

Center of screen ?

On how much % is the center of screen ?

I thought always that the center is on 500% but its not ?


I making canavas animation and when i set it to around 160% is the center

Divide the screen width by 2

Screen1.Width / 2

How do i know my screen width ?

Using ScreenX.Width block

For diffrent phone is diffrent ?

Yes, since it gets the width of the mobile screen

So how can i make , when someone installs this app , this image sprite spawns in middle of screen ?

So on my phone is middle 150%

and when someone else has this app with diffrent phone and screen it wont be in middle?

Are you sure you are using percentages and not pixels

It can only be 100%, so half should be 50%



So how can i set in this block “Random integer percent” ?

if you try to hard code the middle with a specific percentage like 150% then this is exactly what will happen.
instead use this to find the middle as suggested

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you want to do what ?
to move the image sprite to a random position from 1 to the middle of the screen?

what about this?


I need this image sprite to spawn around the screen random

so 1 is left corner of the screen , on how much is the end ?

well in the blocks above I would try removing " / 2 " and see what happens

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I think it works :slight_smile:


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