Screen won't turn on?

The application has 5 screens. When I try to enter one of these, I get an error.
There is no error on “Companion”, it works fine, but when I install it on the phone as an apk, I cannot switch to this screen. Other screens work fine.
Actually it was working on this screen, my last action;

  • I duplicated the list items. 1770> 2100. The length of some lists is 2100. But I do not call the list items at the screen opening.

Error Image:

The problem is resolved when I replace the list items with the previous working list items. However, when I increased the list items, it still didn’t work. Is there a limit set by the kodular as list elements?
What should I do to get rid of this error?

I solved it by dividing the text box with the list elements in half.

So I used the “Join” block. Thank you.

these are quite a lot of items…
you might consider to use the built in SQLite database to store your data


Thanks Taifun. Actually I do not use Tinydb. I just keep it in variables.

If I also include sql, the program can get pretty complicated. Separate columns for texts, numbers, numbers with commas. It felt like sql would tire me a little, and the program would tire a little. I’ve done it with variables. There was a variable, I cut it in half.

that’s the problem…

usually this results in less blocks…
currently you have 10 lists, each of them 2100 items…
you could have only one table in the database, 10 columns and 2100 rows…


Hi Taifun,

I wanted to do as you said, but SQLite failed with 1 list. When the number of characters is high, SQLite doesn’t seem to work.

Or am I doing something wrong?

It works fine when the list elements are few. But when there are too many, it gives an error.

I am adding images in two cases.

you are trying to insert the data into the database in a loop, which results in a runtime error after a while, because the device is blocked… this gets complicated and needs a lot of blocks… the better approach is to already have the data in the database…

unfortunately the built in SQLite component does not offer a feature to import a database… usually you would prepare the database including all the necessary tables and data outside of your app and the app then only would import the database from the assets on first run of the app… my sqlite extension would be able do do this…


This process will bring new problems with it. Plugins do not cause problems with android updates after a while, right? I am trying to read and do the article on your site, I write here when there is a problem. First I start by installing SQLite Studio then. Thank you.

it’s better to create virtual Screens (Arrangement)

you never know what the future brings…
extensions as well as built in components might have to be adjusted, so they still will work in future Android versions


Yes, I do not know what will happen in the future. But I know what happened in the past. Last year I had sdk issues, I found out that these were caused by a plugin Otherwise I like the extensions, but I don’t want to use them as much as I can. Now I’m trying to learn the sqlite studio program. After learning this program, I’ll install your extension and start working.


I’m just using a “list view”. There is nothing else on the screen. Will the problem be solved if I save it with “Tinydb” on another screen and call it on the other screen? Is that what you mean by the virtual screen?

i mean to use vertical arrangement instead of creating new screens.
and visible and non-visible it when switching in screens

I’ve already used a single screen. So the problem here is that the application fails when the list length is large. I may not understand what you said. If there is an explanatory link, I can review it.

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are you using open another screen block ??

No single screen. All of the codes are in the picture.

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btw, you can use this extension.

copy your all blocks to a procedure then, call the procedure using this extension.

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Thank you. I am reviewing this plugin.

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