Screenshot Privacy Policy

Did we have to add Colomn in Privacy policy if whenever user want to save his data in the form of screenshot and when user clcik the button automatically its will takes screenshot

Did ae have to add up this things in privacy policy

You must mention all the information about what do you do with the private data of users even if you use admob or other add service you must mention those saying that those service are used and must refer to theirs privacy policies, you must have to be careful writing this because you cannot miss any information
For further information follow:

The purpose of the privacy policy is to tell the user what you do with their data. You do not need to get permission to use a screenshot tool if you are not using that data for anything.

Do you use their data?
Do systems you need (admob etc) use their data?

That is the purpose. If you are storing their screenshots somewhere, then yes you need to tell them.

Whenever user want to save his data then when he clciks on save Button then automatically screenshot taken by app and wea are not using taking any data from user just using facebook ads and and playing devotional music with the help of ip

192:80:23737:20 like this which plays devotional music

My application is based on counting the times of user pressing the button and if user wanna to save his data automatically screenshot taken and save it in there galler nothings else hope u all guide me well

Smp.apk - Google Drive check this apk for futher details

Dont over complicate it.

Just think:

What does the user provide
Do I use it or store it
Do my add providers use it or store it

Thats it.

I am not use it and automatically it store in user gallery

You may mention it that when user click download it take screenshots of the screen or whatever but don’t forget to mark the information about adds and other stuff about his data