Scroll arrangement in a scroll arrangement

Hey guys, i need a info pls,
I have a scroll arrangement where i put in differenr things like labels buttons and so on.
But when i put in the scroll arrangemnt another scroll arrangemnt or a normal arrangement which contains a list view or so, i cannot scroll the list.
I can scroll the whole screen down. But i cannot scroll the list down,

How can i solve this.
I have set the screen in the designer screen to off. Bc the scroll arrangement is that what scrolls down.
I want to have a List with different Items in the arrangement which i can sroll down to look whcih items are in the list.

But i cannot bring it to work.

How can i solve that.
Pls can someone show me a way to do that.

It should be possible normal to have a list which you can sroll down but you can also scroll down the whole screen.


Normally if you put a list viewer in scrollable arrangement then it would not possible or may be hard to scroll the listview because obviously when you try to scroll the list, the scroll arrangement also would get scroll, cancelling the scroll effect of each other?

Further, can you give an example of what you are trying to do?


Thanks for you fast answer at first.
I tried it also to put the list out of the arrangements direct on the screen at the last position, but this makes no changes.
I can sroll the screen down or the list but i cannot scroll down to the end of the screen where the list is and than scroll the list down.
I thought i can put a list in a scroll arrangemnt or a normal arrangemnt to scroll both things but this do not work.

I I want to scroll the screen down to the end of the screen (arrangemnt) and at the end of the screen ( arrangemnt is a list (Listview) which i can scroll down also if i want. But this do not work in any way.

I have a screen with a scroll arrangement with a lot of Labels in it. Its like two columns with a lot of rows. Like a spredsheet, if you understand me.
And at the end of theese sheeet (2 Columns with 14 raws done with Labels) , and at the end i want to give the user a list with some elements. I dont want to show the user the complete list at the end of the labels It looks better if the user see at the end of the screen a list with one or two elements. And if the user want, he can scroll the list down.

And i dont knwo to realize it.

Have you kept screen in scrolable mode?
If yes then disable that…

I did this. this make it possible to scroll with the sroll arragement where are the labels in it. If i set sroll to enabled you cannot scroll down in the screen.
You can scroll in different scroll arrangements on a screen if theese scroll arragements are together not bigger as the normal screen.

You can try it.

Make a screnn and put 2 scroll arrangements in it. You can scroll each scroll arragemnt for its own without anyproblem. You can scroll down in scroll arragement 1 or you can scroll the other scroll arragement.
If you put in a third one you can scroll in each of them seperate.
But if you put in a 4. scroll arragement it dioes not work any more bc the 4 scroll arragement is not complete on the screen. The same if you use 3. scroll arragements and you set each scroll arragemnt to a size where all arragements together are bigger as the screen (100%)

It does only work as told maybe a bit complicated, if :
all scroll arragements togerther are not bigger as 100% of the screen. otherwise it does not work.
You can put in how many scroll arragements on one screen as you want and you can scroll each for her own as long no arragemnst looks out of the screen.
For example:
You have 3 Arragements (each arragement height is set to 30%) and you have set the screen scrollable to not enabled. Than you can scroll each arragement.
Than you have the same three arragements but the last arragement height is set to 40%.
Than it does not work.

And thast my problem.
This is the same:
You have one arragement for all you components.
In that component you habe diffent arragements.
If you have a list in a arragement an that list is not on that 100%, (you have to scroll down that you can see that arragement, you cannot sroll that arragement.