Scroll to add item feature using [free] vertical scroll handler extension

I want to share some blocks which can be used to make “scroll to add more” feature.
We need vertical scroll handler extension for this. Here are the blocks:-

Components used here:-
1)Two circular progress, 2)Two spreadsheets, and a 3)Vertical Scroll Handler.

At first, I took a global variable, totalcall_list and set it’s value to 10. It is actually the number of item I wanted to call at first. So I gave the max record of spreadsheet1 as get global totalcall_list. It means the spreadsheet will call 10 item at first.

Secondly, when the user will reach at the bottom of the list of length 10, vertical scroll handler will trigger. Here I used if-then block to check if the circular progress2, present at the bottom is visible or not.
[I checked this because the user can scroll to the bottom of the list more than once before being loaded. So the spreadsheet was then being called so many times and an error might occur.]
After that I again used if-then condition to check that the length of global list is equal to totalcall_list or not. If it is equal then we can say that we called all the rows.

At last, I showed 11th item(in the blocks) as we set before, the totalcall_list as 10+10= 20 and
I called from 20-9=11. We had already showed items till 10th using spreadsheet1.
I used if-then condition into the from-number loop just to check if the number exceed from the maximum number of total rows or not.


please explain more just adding blocks does not make a guide you have to explain everything step by step

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You must explain it thoroughly so that it resembles itself as a proper guide just like said


Thank you for your guide, and your edit to a full explanation. Good job.

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