Search Bar for ListViewimage with Firebase DataBase

Hello friends,

I’m trying to do a search getting the data from Firebase DataBase, but I’m not getting it… I saw this link and I would like to know how I can do this with Firebase.

What are you looking ? Show us firebase structure? Tell us what you want to search? If you tried anything pls show your blocks?

I managed to do some things in Firebase DB… but I’m not able to get the values ​​from a list in the firebase bucket…

What I want is for the Listview to show all the bucket labels… but I’m not getting it… can you give me a hint, please? But an error message appears: “The operation length of list cannot accept the arguments: , [55443]”


Firebase database:

You are having more tags, it is clear to me… actually what you are looking?? Do you want to search particular subtag value from each tags?

My intention is that all tags (have numbers) appear in the listViewImage when I click on “MASCULINO”… There are 8 tags that I have in the Database, but only 3 appear in this list in the image below…

So you want to filter by gender?

Yes. And other filters…