Search bar linked to airtable | URL does not work

Dear Community,

i have searched the whole topics and so far it helped me a lot. Thanks for everyone.
However, I do face a individual problem and I cannot find an answer.
This is my first post and I hope i do it correct.

If I open the App and scroll the first screen everything works perfect. Also the search bar works. However, when I search a specific title and click the title it always shows the first video url from my airtable list. This problem does not occur if i browse manuel without searching first.
I hope you guys do understand what i taking about. Complicated to explain somehow. But here also my blocks.

Thank you and best regards from Germany.

Welcome !

Your Main List:
You search for Carlos, index 3 on the main list, but
Resulting List:
But in the result list the index is 1 because there is only one.

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Thank you @ Rogerio_Rios for your fast response. I have seen a lot of useful responses from you.
I checked the topic you did send and I get the idea what you tried to explain to me. However, I do not understand how to implement or change the resuting list.
Do i have to add a new block or change it somewhere? Do i have to insert listview?
My columns in airtabe are title-thumbnail-url
May I ask you for further hints?
Thank you and best regards from germany to brazil

Try something first. It is part of learning. If you are stuck with any doubt post here.



Think :
Who determines which line you want to show from your spreadsheet?
It is a variable with a numerical value, right?
Did you try to associate Boban’s blocks with your blocks?
Who in Boban’s blocks are related to his blocks?

thank you for you answer.

I tried literally everything for the last few days. Now with your hint I tried the following and other things but it does not work.
Just to make it understandable:
In my airtable sheet I have three columns and everything works perfectly. However, as you said, the index changes when I search a video. Title and thumbnail are the same but the url link is always the first video.

As you can see in the picture, I think I have to redo some blocks on the clock block but I am not sure. But as a mathematician , I can at least calculate how many errors I get before I get to the right answer and that number is high and frustrating at the same time… :frowning:

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