Search bar with custom list view extension

I want to create a search bar for my list create with custom list view extension of deephost
I see the tutorial for the search bar with a list made with dynamic component but not for custom list view.
I can make a list with dynamic component to have the search bar but but I cannot call in app pdf viewer with this method

help me to create a search bar with custom listview or call an internal application file with in app pdf viewer with dynamic component

which custom litview? colintree?

it is not colintree
I use custom design list view

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You have to create new list with search index number

thank you for your reply
could you attach a picture explaining this ?

I have a list of title and subtitle I would like in the search bar we can search only the titles of this list made with custom design listview

We cannot provide you with the exacts blocks you want according to your need.

However, if you search the community, you will get a similar logic as you want and then you can improvise on it to make it according to your need.
One of such topic is below. Just go through it once to get an idea


I haven’t advanced search extention how can i show you picture

Not easy without the extension thank you for answering I will try to get there this afternoon
if its interests you I can always give you an .aia in which there is the extension and even project ?
If you manage to make a search bar you will just have to send it to me !

Did you tried this? @niko
Try to make it yourself first, if failed then show us the blocks of what you tried?

It isn’t a good practice to ask ready-made things…


I reproduced the tutorial in my project for a list containing a title, a subtitle and an image, however I do not understand the logic to apply to perform the search function of this list!

I also try to reproduce my project with dynamic component but with this extension I can not find how to call a PDF according to the component but all the component opens the same file.

If I do not succeed I would go to colin tree to put a search function and call files but I do not like the design of this one