Search data in more than one tab

is it possible the data which is in different tab (category)

You’ve already asked the same question here

stop double posting and also search in community.

no its different, that was for title and subtitle, and here i am asking about more than one tab.

What do you mean by tab? Please do read this topic and follow the guide before posting on community…

Tab means Tab Layout

What is your app
What actually you are looking?

Asking a part may be help of at the moment but finally it will be headache to you

If possible narrate about your app.

In my app there is a tab layout which shows data from Airtable which is in different category. in app there is a search bar which help search data.

What is use if user in tab1 but and you wannt to show search result Of all the tab in tab1, though the categories are different??

yes, can it possible search data in all category?

If you want, then post the different tabs datas as a screenshot… also try to show us the common word it exisit in all the datas .

Nothing is im in coding, only logic speaks. Multiple ways will be there , it is our wise decision to choose the simplest way

for demo all category has same data