Search in both tittle and subtitle

i have create search bar, If text change it will search first in title and then in subtitle, but i want, it will search same time in title and subtitle.

In the first for loop use a count that increments each time. Then use that count as the index for the subtitle list and do the ‘if contains text’ block for the subtitle too in the same for loop

can you say exact postion of this block in my block

where your first for loop is

is this correct, i dont know too much about loop and other

it looks right, for the subtitle part, use your search_subtitle list

Also set count to 1 before the for loop

output is nothing

Post a screenshot of your list to see how it looks and in order to understand better what you are trying to achieve

And in this list … where is title and where is subtitle ?

this is title, and after click on it, will open the subtitle

You didn’t get the point. Show us both title and subtitle, then only it will be easy to suggest you

i have solved my problem by myself :sweat_smile:

If you don’t mind share with us what you have did to solve…