Search for blocks in screen

Hello Kodular community!

Is this possible to add a thing to search for specific blocks in a screen? This would be really helpful for screens with a lot of blocks.

Thanks !

Do you mean blocks that are in the drawers or blocks you have put into the workspace?


What does that search for?

Blocks in the drawers or the blocks you have put into the workspace?

EDIT: I can’t try this for myself as I don’t own a PC or laptop. I do all my Koding on my iPad.

It doesn’t locate exactly where the block is, It’s just saying there is a match. I already tried that

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Blocks in the workspace.

I don’t think that’s possible. I think it’s been asked on this or another builder’s forum forum before but apparently it’s difficult to implement. But it would be a great feature to have.

Hm, it works fine for me.

Maybe it’s my browser ? What are you using?

Edge beta.

Maybe you mean two completely different results that you get? You (@ShadowDEV_fr and @ontstudios )may want to post screenshots af which result you get, this way we will have a progress.


Well, i just turned off my pc :pleading_face:
I’ll send a screenshot tomorrow

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No worries, everything is fine. I just suggested it, not demanded it!