Search in dynamic cardview

I’ve been about a month and I couldn’t search dynamic cardview please if someone guides me thanks

this is my screen phone create cards ok

  1. Images are not clear
  2. You have not shared relevant blocks

if possible share us sample aia

Thanks GSR this aia

cardviewsearch.aia (82.0 KB)

You need to search the keyword in your title list which is shown in card views.

After filtering the list you need to show it in card view.

You can use ListUtilz extension to filter list with keyword.

Not work search in cardview The k studio I mean, they suggest that I don’t use cardview and use listview ?

No, I mean the title text you shown in card view is obviously from a list for eg. Title list, so you need to filter that list with keyword and after filtering the list again create the card view procedure and show it.

You don’t have to filter the card view, instead the title list.

what is the meaning of buscar? which field you want to search?

use dynamic schema and remove unnecessary extensions.

Mr Gaston
Images Blocks are not clear
i am using cardview not listview
Send me please if you can those blocks to review if possible thanks

search by name

i have tried and got result but with two dynamic com exten (without using json tool), and total blocks too 300+ but GAston have more simple blocks than mine

The json comes from my database and I do the cardviews now I want to look for a product

Gaston I think he uses ListView and not CardView

the components used are in the list, there is no cardview or listview, Cardviews are created dynamically by schema.

anyhow test this too

cardviewsearch_1.aia (98.2 KB)

i havenot used default dynamic com but use dynamic comp extn


it’s fantastic works as I wanted thanks

Good! It would be necessary to add a progressive load so that it does not delay the start and the click event.

add a progressive load ?

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