Search in list view (vietnamese)

in the list view I have
lốp sau
lốp trước
long đền
can i search in list view with the keyword “lop” and still get the result “lốp…”

Please Post Whatever you have tried

the basic steps are

when Searchbox.Text Changed {
   for each item in list {
      if downcase(text) = downcase(item) {
          then add item to search list 

i dont use searchbox, i use default search in list view

this my data in listview
this my block
and i cant search the first item in list view (Nắp đầu quylat)

Does It Work ?

No, the last picture, when input na in search box, i cant search nắp đầu quylatt

Because a & ắ are different characters

I know, you can suggest some ideas

A Little Lengthy process but, you can translate & di it. Or try encrypting it.

Not sure if they will work

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