Search list view from Google Sheet (error index, when click)

Hi All, need help please :face_with_head_bandage:

I create list view image from google sheet, and I use search bar to get some data
search bar function normally, and apps can show the correct data
but, if I click the data, it will show wrong data/index
anyone could help my issue?

Show on Apps

Block for “when click”

Thanks in advance

Your images are not clear… pls be post clear as or aia

Is your listview showing data before click?

please see my first post, I search name “candra”
and my apps show few name contain word candra

Please help to check this aia file

Simply set index to … according to picture

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Dora beat before me… now only uploading

Still Problem

this is the block

Please see the blocks again

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you are wrong


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Dear @dora_paz and @Still-learning
Appreciated for your support
now working well
God Bless You all


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