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Hi Guy,

i wondering if anyone can give me opinion about my block here. Not really work at last stage.

search name in list view --worked
select list and display all his row- not really work because it select random name in spreadsheet.
for example i am search name “ben” but after select it goes different name.

below is the block.
screen shoot

block at other page
screen shoot

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Check this :-

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The reason Is when you use filter, and then you click an ítem, you take the index of the new list (the filtered). So, it Will call the old list, but with the index of the filtered list.

you mean in first page block?

thank but i want it visible before user search it. beside i did know how to download deep host ext. too much steps.

Here uploaded ,
Search_View.aia (73.8 KB)
yt.DeepHost.Search_View.aix (52.8 KB)

Enjoy koding :grinning:

Watch this–

Yes. The first one

i am kind of blank here. what should i change?

appreciated you guide. i try to download aia file but the you one provided is apk file.

You already download our Creator 24 app??

i have downloaded but which title i should refer?